Spa & Sauna

Infrared Dry Sauna Therapy
  • 30min$35
  • 60min$60

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Hands & Feet

Hand Pampering

– Scrub, hydration treatment, reflexology massage & hot towels$35
– Paraffin Wax$10 Additional

Foot Pampering

– Soak, scrub, hydration treatment, reflexology massage
– Circulation booster, includes legs & hot towels$50

Nail Filing/Buffing/Cuticle Care-$15 Additional


Hand and Foot Pampering Package (includes add-ons)$95

Facial and waxing

Legs (Full/Half) $65/$35

Arms (Full/Half) $45/$30

Underarms $22

+For optimal results, hair should be at least ¼” in length. We recommend avoiding sun exposure and excessive sweating following hair removal to lessen the chances of bacterial infections.

++Waxing cannot be performed on guests who are sunburnt or using Retin A (currently or in the past 3 months), Accutane (currently or in the past 6 months) Differin or any other medications designed to increase skin exfoliation.

$65TGL Express Facial

For that quick cleanse and moisture infusion when you just don’t have time for the complete facial. Includes dual cleansers, toner, steam, exfoliation, moisturizer and sun protection.

Facial Supplements Set (cleanser, moisturizer, mask, toner & extringent)$85 with TGL Express Facial